We are ready to restart. With the new rules, however, waiting times will necessarily be created for visitors, respecting distances. This is why W8 – Wait to enter! It is a simple modular system, customizable and inexpensive, able to comply with the new regulations on spacing. But not only! With W8, waiting is perceived as an introduction to the exhibition/event and a moment of leisure and entertainment. An opportunity to prepare for the visit, receiving all the information quickly and easily. Based on needs and taste. W8 can be customized with:

  • Drapes and graphic prints
  • Monitor
  • “Shower Sound” audio systems
  • Directional lighting systems
  • Gesture control systems

A practical, elegant solution and an added value for waiting areas. W8! it is an original and at the same time simple answer to guarantee social distancing in public places while offering a moment of entertainment. Thanks to its effective features of ease of assembly, great versatility and implementability, W8! invites us to wait safely and without getting bored, in an always different way.


A device capable of ensuring compliance with the measures envisaged for social distancing. Thanks to the octagonal “islands” that give the name to the project (8), it will be possible to stop while maintaining the minimum distance required while waiting in public places. Thanks to its simple design but with a certain visual impact, it allows you to quickly communicate the area in which to stop without interfering with those who precede or follow us.


Now that when we are about to restart, leisure activities will certainly be the most sought after. And therefore exhibitions, events of various kinds will probably be the subject of great turnout and therefore will be the activities most exposed to risk. Using an object with a simple and customizable design in the hall of a museum or public building will help to ensure order in an elegant and non-invasive way.


Furthermore, the proposed device allows to create a further moment of learning and entertainment, acting as a real support for graphic panels. It allows total freedom in the choice of contents to be displayed, easily removable and therefore replaceable. A versatile and always different element.


The basic module is composed of a series of trapezoidal elements which, placed one after the other, create an octagonal island (hence the name W8), within which it is allowed to stop at a maximum of 4 people, according to the provisions. These are fully customizable, both in the choice of color and in any graphics that you choose to print. To allow the passage from one island to another, the trapezoids in correspondence with the flow will be eliminated, based on the path you choose to create.


The simple juxtaposition of the octagons, with adjoining passage spaces, creates an interactive path, adaptable to individual spatial needs. By eliminating the individual trapezoidal elements, it is possible to create different curves and consequently various configurations that adapt to the place where W8! It is inserted, communicating with the elements present in a non-invasive but effective way.

Thanks to its modularity and simplicity of assembly, W8! adapts well to any type of space. We propose a typical hall, with dimensions of 20x12m, in which, maintaining the necessary respect bands of passage from the side, we are able to place up to 15 islands, for an average waiting time of 30 seconds per island.

CAPACITY: 45 people
Average of 3 people (min 1 max 4)

WAITING TIME: 7,5 minuts
Average of 30’’ per island

PROPOSAL 2: Linear space

Let’s assume the use of W8! in a corridor or a passage room, with a narrower and longer shape, in which it is possible to arrange the octagons in a more linear way, always maintaining the lateral respect bands, for the size of 21.00×7.60 m.

CAPACITY: 27 people
Average of 3 people (min 1 max 4)

WAITING TIME: 4,5 minuts
Average of 30’’ per island

PROPOSAL 3: Free composition

It is possible to recreate more irregularly shaped paths, for example, think of very large rooms or even squares and open spaces. W8! becomes a real urban furniture element, playing with the colors and existing elements. Easily removable and minimally invasive it becomes an entertainment element, suitable for everyone: from the largest to the smallest.


OPTION 1: Tiles

The basic option, simpler but equally effective, is represented by the use of only the trapezoidal “tiles” that form the octagonal island. Made with printable material and therefore also customizable with different colors, this simple flooring element also allows you to identify the rest area alone, create a path and furnish the space in which it is installed.

OPTION 2: Basic panels

Going by step, the module can be enriched thanks to the installation of 2 self-supporting panels, anchored thanks to their frame directly to the trapezoidal elements of the octagon on the ground. These allow you to increase the area on which to apply information graphics, extending the entertainment time of people in the queue. The graphics are fully customizable according to the needs and tastes of the museum.

OPTION 3: The room

Being installed in pairs, it is possible to increase the number of panels to be applied, going to recreate real isolated rooms, closed on 4 sides. This option can be suitable for situations where you want to create a more intimate area, ideal for playing audio/video content, or when, based on the arrangement of the various octagons, you want to create more privacy between the islands.

Using the frame structure of the panels as a support, it is possible to implement each module as needed, by installing:

1. Sound shower system
2. Monitor for the use of video content
3. specific lighting
4. Gesture control system

Thanks to these accessories you can get a more complete moment of entertainment, depending on the needs of the place and waiting times.

With W8! the wait to enter has never been so pleasant!