Location: MILANO, 2019
Area: 500 mq
Concept: MOSAE srl

Intervention area inside the showroom.

The guidelines that led the design are some fundamental suggestions and fixed points, around which the project must shape up to take the final shape:

  • The strong relationship and the close dialogue between the product and the artistic form chosen to promote it;
  • The concept of exhibition as a path, a journey, which the visitor undertakes by immersing himself in the exhibition and is linked to the common thread of the history of the photographic works exhibited;
  • The possibility for the visitor to interact with the product as opposed to the maximum dignity and etherity that surrounds the photographic works;
  • The emphasis on the different stages of construction of the finished product: the color – the material – the product;
  • Consistency, enhancement and respect for the existing place that maintains its integrity while ensuring interactivity with the hosted setting.

For the allestiment, we imagine to immerse ourselves completely in a world in which colors are our guide, the common thread that accompanies us through the journey to discover “The Latitudes of Color”, which anticipates something but leaves us all the freedom to fully enjoy the discovery of the photographic works, which acts as a support for what it tells of itself.

Fourteen color groups for fourteen walls as theater backdrops, fourteen colored clouds integrated into the showroom, which outline the exhibition spaces and design – constituting the stages – a path that starts from the large room on the street to accompany visitors to the halls more intimate and intimate than the showroom, providing the background for the stories that the photographers tell us, up to the central courtyard set up as an explosion of everything that until then was order and composure.

The most important point of the exhibition is the very strong relationship that is established between art and product, not only on a conceptual level but also and above all from a physical point of view, the product frames the work, guaranteeing it the perfect enjoyment and maximum dignity, without overwhelming it but giving it a support for correct reading. At the same time it is a concrete element with which the visitor is brought to relate by means of his own senses, it is a material to be observed and touched, with which to interact.

The discreet and composed areas dedicated to the exposure of the photographs are designed to give maximum emphasis to the work, with great sensitivity towards what the photographer wants to communicate, guaranteeing them the most complete freedom of expression, fixing only the theme. In this delicate and emotional system, the wall represents the limit and the border, but also the union between art and the product.

Photography is a delicate art, sensitive to the environment that hosts it and its surroundings, highly changeable depending on the light, the support, the background colors. It is for this reason that quality must play a central role for the exhibition: quality materials, ad hoc lighting, neutral backgrounds that contrast with the colored external shells.

A set-up system of great effect but of maximum simplicity in the choice of technologies for its realization, which guarantees speed of installation and complete reversibility, possibility of transport and reinstallation in another place without thereby distorting the concept at the base, which continues to tell the its history.

The “exhibition rooms” are delimited by vertical panels that connect to the perimeter walls of the room by means of horizontal elements, which in addition to performing their structural function ensuring the stability of the panels, allow you to create an environment isolated from the rest of the showroom. This system allows you to better manage the lighting of the photos displayed for a correct use of the exhibition: in fact, lighting fixtures will be applied to the horizontal connection panel that will direct the light directly to the photos.

The vertical panel, whose main structure is characterized by a frame composed of wooden elements, will act as a support for the different devices: inside the exhibition rooms it will be covered with a neutral colored fabric (black, dark gray…), thus highlighting the colors of the photos that will be applied to the frame through their specific support, occupying the central band of the panel.

Outside, panels covered with colored leathers will be applied, acting as real displays of the palettes of the new color system. The central area, corresponding to the internal exhibition area, will be occupied by infographics panels treated with a completely different material, wich will explain the various contents deemed significant.

The covered patio: an environment that differs from all the others in such a marked way as to guide the choice of setting up something magical and at the same time interactive, a place of arrival of the path in which to host events, laboratories, workshops with a cloud of materials and colors above the head. A large thin net from which strips of color hang: skins and photographs, through which the zenithal light filters and enhances its effect by creating games of light and shadow in a multifunctional and multifaceted environment.

A great strength of the exhibition is its tendency not to obstruct in any way the perception of the space of the showroom, maintaining the composure that distinguishes it and leaving the opportunity for the visitor to fully enjoy the wonderful original elements such as the wooden ceilings and frescoes. All this without changing the escape routes and ensuring a functional flow of visitors even at full capacity. The layout conceived leaves the possibility to insert furnishing accessories that dialogue with the space and represent the arrival point of everything that is shown in the exhibition for suggestions and sensations.

A system designed to guarantee maximum flexibility, to offer different possibilities for displaying the hides. In order for the exhibition to have the success it deserves it is necessary that all those involved take part in the design process, it is essential that those who know and touch the product daily with their hand give their contribution with respect to the display methods of the same. Only by promoting cooperation between the different roles of the creative machine and the collaboration of the figures in play can a perfect result be obtained, which does justice to what, by tradition and business philosophy, is pure quality.