Inside the Orio Center shopping center, the installation of a walkable suspended net is proposed. The tailored approach in the design of the net installation allows, in addition to responding to the technical and geometric needs present, to enhance the existing elements and to configure the space as a new key element within the shopping center.

Client: Oriocenter
Place: Orio Center shopping center
Concept: MOSAE srl
Render: Alex Fernández Azofra


The installation of the net is planned in an area with great turnout within the shopping center, in the center of a “square” surrounded by a large number of shops. The space currently shaped as a “cul de sac” becomes, with the net, a crucial point within the commercial path of the structure. Access to the net takes place from the two horns next to the escalator, without interfering with existing accesses.


Both nylon and steel are materials that offer many possibilities in terms of paintability. The net, understood as a light and malleable structure, can be configured as a gigantic advertising space, changing thanks to the installation of a sub-net necessary to prevent objects from falling from above. Following the tailored approach in the design of the net, the possibility of painting it adds an additional opportunity to customize the work.


The space, as it is organized, offers a further opportunity for customization. Another way of branding that does not alter the net, however. We propose a curb that collects the entire installation, a large cushion that covers and protects the existing glass parapet. From the inside of the net, it looks like a soft, comfortable object, where you can lean on and rest while sitting on the net. From the outside it becomes a blank picture in which to insert any type of information.