With 4,000 square meters, the Brazilian pavilion hosts exhibitions, cultural and gastronomic activities, seminars, commercial and relationship events. The construction project was chosen through a public competition organized by the Institudo de Arquitetos do Brasil (IAB). The winner was Studio Arthur Casas in collaboration with Atelier Marko Brajovic and MOSAE.


Client: Apex Brasil
Location: Milano
Area: 4133 mq
Timeline: 16 ottobre 2014 – 30 aprile 2015
Architectural project: Studio Arthur Casas
Exhibition and scenography: Atelier Marko Brajovic
Project Management, Local Architecture, Structure design, Equipments and Engineering: MOSAE

The project uses the metaphor of the net – flexible, fluid and decentralized -, which invites the visitor to enter to the pavilion and learn about a multi-sensorial and immersion installation, which represents the different actors responsible for the Brazilian protagonism in food production, central theme of the Milan Expo.

This project was designed to be compatible with innovation in sensory experience, sustainability in the construction process, operation, dismantling, and re-use of an end-of-materials event.

The pavilion has three floors and the landscaping area. Located near the west entrance of the Expo area and the metro station, it is in a strategic position from where more than 60% of the visiting passed, estimated at 20 million people.