Preliminary project for the installation of a suspended walkable net inside Cinecittà World. New installation inside the park near the north-west façade of theater 5, between the route that leads to the Far West area and the one that takes visitors to Adventure Land.


Location: ROMA, 2019
Area: 150 mq
Concept design: MOSAE srl
Team: Michele Maddalo, Alice Brugnerotto, Enrico Carera, Maria Miranda, Paolo del Toro
Collaborators: Gianluca “Jazz” Manciola

The project idea stems from the need to enhance – also in view of the reorganization of the line queue of the “Volarium” – a fundamental crossroads for the paths of the park that is currently not very characterized. The net is configured as a suspended square at a height about 5 meters from the ground and reachable by three arms made of the same material that, starting from the ground, reach the height of the square with three different slopes. This give the possibility to the visitors to choose the level of difficulty.

Pedestrian path + 5,00 m

Pedestrian path on the groundfloor

Driveway and emergency vehicles

This spatial installation is configured as a new and surprising possibility of connection suspended between the different branches of the existing thematic routes. In any case, the possibility of following the same route remaining “down to earth” remains unchanged, as well as the space necessary for the passage of emergency vehicles.

A tailor-made net is proposed which, in addition to responding to the technical and geometric needs, allows to enhance the existing elements and to connect three different thematic areas, configuring itself as a key element within the park paths.

All the graphic and textual information necessary to provide users the useful tools for the use of the installation can be integrated into the three starting bases of the ramps.

The raised square provides the opportunity to enjoy new and incredible points of view on the park. The different slope of the three ramps allows everyone, from the smallest to the most adventurous, to try the experience of the net.