Client: Private
Location: via Balestrieri- Milano (MI)
Project: Mosae srl

The planned intervention, concurrent with the energy efficiency works, includes the complete renovation of the facade on Balestrieri Street.

The identified design solution is based on the preservation of the existing compositional scheme, defined by a tripartition that alternates long continuous balconies equipped with a metal parapet, a projecting portion aligned with the outer edge of the balconies, and a corner solution that, through the full parapets of the loggias, connects the building in question to the adjacent one.

The existing forometries are maintained in their entirety, while the plan profile of the balconies (currently with a “zig-zag” pattern) will be modified, regularizing them and continuing their outer edge on special stringcourses that will be installed on the adjacent portion of the facade.

This addition (involving the extension of all the building’s overhangs) will serve as support for a system of pots that will house various essences, now climbing, now hanging. In the portions affected by loggias and balconies, the pots will be housed within the thickness of the slab itself and the greenery will cover the parapets, while in the portion of the façade without balconies, the pots will consist of the stringcourse itself.

The vegetation support system will be an architectural element that can strongly characterize the building by giving plasticity to the facade even if there is an absence of greenery (either during the first rooting period or in case of maintenance).

In fact, the installation of a light metal mesh anchored to the outer edge of the stringcourses and the outer edge of the openings (set back from the stringcourses) is envisaged. The outcome is an “undevelopable” surface that allows maintaining the legibility of the full-empty relationship and complete visibility from the windows to the outside, supporting the essences while drawing the facade.