Client: Private
Location: Castellanza (VA)Area: 250 smq
Iter: Superbonus 110%
Architectural, structural design and construction management:
Mosae srl
Team: Michele Maddalo, Carola Cocci, Alice Brugnerotto
Status: in progress

The property is located in the municipality of Castellanza (VA). The building, configured as a building body part of a larger building body, consists of three above-ground floors and a basement floor. On the ground floor there is a commercial establishment, a pizzeria, with storage room in the basement, while on the second floor and second floor there are four residential units.

The typology of the building is that of the “casa ballatoio”. In fact, the building has two balconies on the interior front, one on the first and the other on the second floor, connected by the aforementioned staircase body. These walkways are common spaces and are part of the building’s distribution system: the four apartments, located two on the first and two on the second floor, are directly accessible from them.